Join us on September 8 at noon for the next webcast in our biweekly series, McGill Cares, designed to support informal care partners. During candid, 30-minute interviews with leading experts, Claire Webster, Alzheimer Care Consultant and Founder of the McGill Dementia Education Program, will explore topics related to caring for a loved one with dementia.

The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada’s Elders

Mr. André Picard is the health columnist at The Globe and Mail and the author of six books. He was named Canada’s top newspaper columnist in 2020 and is a recipient of the prestigious Michener Award for meritorious public service journalism and the Owen Adams Award of Honour, the highest award granted to a non-physician by the Canadian Medical Association in recognition of his contributions to advancing medical and health education among the Canadian public.

Mr. Picard will share the findings in his current bestseller, Neglected No More: The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada’s Elders in the Wake of a Pandemic. He will discuss what can and must be done to improve the state of care for a vulnerable population with complex needs and reduced ability to advocate for themselves.

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