On Thursday, May 2, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) will induct six new Laureates whose contributions have led to extraordinary improvements in human health. These trailblazers underpin Canada’s role as a world-class leader in medicine and health science, and their outstanding accomplishments range from helping create the World Health Organization, to being known as Canada’s ‘father of agricultural medicine.’ The 2019 Induction Ceremony is presented by the Canadian Medical Association with Medical Student Sponsor, MD Financial Management.

The 2019 CMHF Inductees are:

The late G. Brock Chisholm, CC CBE MD MC & Bar ED (Toronto, ON):  A decorated soldier and Canadian Major-General, psychiatrist and world health pioneer instrumental in the creation of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Naranjan S. Dhalla, CM OM PhD FRSC (Winnipeg, MB): Internationally recognized builder of basic cardiovascular science in Canada whose commitment to ensuring the benefits of scientific knowledge are shared worldwide, strengthening the global community.
James A. DosmanOC SOM MA MD FRCPC FRSC FCAHS (Saskatoon, SK): The ‘father of agricultural medicine’ in Canadadevoted to improving and protecting the health of agricultural workers in Canada and the world.
Jacalyn Duffin, MD PhD FRCPC FRSC FCAHS (Kingston, ON): A haematologist and historian, her enduring contributions to medical research and education deepen our understanding of how the humanities inform balanced, effective medical training.
Connie J. Eaves, PhD FRS (Canada), FRS (Edinburgh) (Vancouver, BC): A world authority on stem cells with translational impact on bone marrow transplantation treatments for leukemia and breast cancer.
Rémi Quirion, OC CQ PhD FRSC (Montreal, QC): Quebec’s first Chief Scientist and one of the world’s most frequently cited neuroscientists recognized for his pivotal role in advancing our knowledge in neuroscience and mental health.

“The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is proud to welcome these six individuals whose remarkable contributions to health have made Canada, and the world, a better place,” explains Dr. Bryce Taylor, CMHF Chair. “With the Induction Ceremony we honour excellence, preserve history and connect generations. These Canadian heroes have not only furthered health, but they serve as an inspiration to all Canadians and to our future health leaders, including the 50 medical students who will attend the event.”    

The Inductees will be celebrated May 2 at a special ceremony hosted by the CMHF and McGill University Faculty of Medicine, in Montreal, QC. “Each year the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony recognizes luminaries who have had an extraordinary impact on medicine and the health sciences,” says Dr. David Eidelman, Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. “McGill University is proud to host the 2019 iteration of this prestigious ceremony, an opportunity to honour yet another cohort of exemplary individuals whose work has improved the lives of people locally, nationally, and around the globe.”