Fourth edition of movie night event screened My Big Fat Greek Wedding at the Molson Stadium to more than 100 spectators to raise funds for the Children’s 

The Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser Committee held its fourth annual ‘Night at the Stadium’ fundraising event this summer, to raise funds for the Department of Hematology and Oncology at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH). This year’s event welcomed over 100 members of the Montreal community for an outdoor screening of the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding at McGill’s Percival Molson Stadium. With valuable support from generous sponsors, donors and food vendors, the committee raised over $11,000 for much-needed pediatric cancer research. 

Despite great strides in medical research, childhood cancer persists as a significant concern in Canada. It is the primary cause of mortality in children. The latest data from 2022 indicates that a mere 5% of cancer research funding goes towards pediatric cancer research. This is something the Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser Committee, comprised of McGill medical students, is committed to changing through their initiative.   

“The remarkable success of this event year after year is truly humbling,” says Committee Chair Alexandra Itzkovitz, a candidate from the MDCM Class of 2024. “With an incredible turnout of over 100 participants, it is inspiring to witness the unwavering support and unity of the Montreal community in championing the cause of childhood cancer. We remain committed to making a positive and lasting impact on this crucial mission, and we are dedicated to continue to support this meaningful cause in the future.”