Annual list includes 17 researchers among the world’s most cited, Canada retains 6th place overall in global ranking 

McGill University today announced that 17 of its researchers have been included on the Highly Cited Researchers™ (HCRs) list, as published by Clarivate. To be included in the prestigious list, researchers must rank in the top 1% worldwide for their fields and publications in the Web of Science index. In being named to this list, these McGillians join a cohort of 6,849 individuals around the world who have all been recognized for their academic contributions. 

“I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our researchers,” said Professor Martha Crago, Vice Principal, Research and Innovation. “Being one of the world’s most cited in any field is no small task, and this collective recognition reflects the outstanding quality of our academic community. My congratulations to all the people on this list.” 

The HCRs from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are: 

Alan C. Evans, Cross-Field 

Amit Bar-Or*, Cross-Field 

Bratislav Misic, Cross-Field 

Danilo Bzdok, Cross-Field 

Douglas Lorne Arnold, Cross-Field 

Edward A. Fon, Cross-Field 

Gustavo Turecki, Cross-Field 

Jack P. Antel, Neuroscience and Behaviour 

Madhukar Pai, Cross-Field 

Nahum Sonenberg, Cross-Field

Nathan Spreng, Neuroscience and Behaviour

Ronald B. Postuma, Neuroscience and Behaviour 

Russell G. Jones*, Cross-Field (primary affiliation: Van Andel Institute, United States) 


HCRs from other McGill Faculties: 

Jasmine Chong, Biology and Biochemistry 

Jianguo (Jeff) Xia, Biology and Biochemistry 

Andrew Gonzalez, Environment and Ecology 

Victoria M. Kaspi, Space Science 

Canadian researchers are among the most cited in the world, and have been for some time. This year, Canada retained 6th place overall, with 218 HCRs or a share of 3.1% of the world total. Many countries in the top 10 saw declines in their percentage of the world’s share, but Canada’s relative portion remained unchanged. Chinese researchers, however, saw their citations grow by 1.7% since 2022. US researchers are the most cited, with 2,669 HCRs. 

*Editor’s Notes: Drs. Amit Bar-Or and Russell G. Jones are no longer with McGill, but the window of citations reviewed for this program spans a decade of work.