Our 2024 FMHS Community Celebration took place on June 11 at the Percival Molson Stadium.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors (logos below) who donated door prizes!  And congratulations to all the winners and thank you for joining us to celebrate YOU!

Click on any photo in our gallery below to view as a slideshow (photos by Owen Egan and Joni Dufour)

Not pictured:

  • Michèle Pellerin, Administrator, Longitudinal Physician Apprenticeship curriculum, Campus Outaouais, winner of one-night stay at Moulin de Wakefield Hotel. 
  • Sarah Abdelhadi, Administatrice – affaires professorales et formation professorale, Campus Outaouais, winner of Le James Bookstore bundle. 
  • Dawn Bernard, Course Administrator, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry, UGME, winner of Gault Reserve pass. 




FMHS Community Celebration 2024 : The day in pictures