Dear members of the McGill community,

The Government of Quebec has announced more information about its vaccine passport, which is a proof of vaccination that allows people who are fully vaccinated to access non-essential services as of September 1. Only people who are fully vaccinated will be able to access the full range of activities at McGill. Details on how to get a vaccine passport are below.

At McGill, you will need a vaccine passport to:

  • Practice sports indoors, including Varsity sports, or exercise in fitness centres
  • Practice many sports outdoors
  • Eat or drink in sit-down spaces in food service locations
  • Attend large outdoor events
  • Attend sporting events
  • Attend concerts or other performances as an audience member
  • Attend conferences or colloquia held at the University (unless the colloquium is part of a curricular activity)
  • Participate in scavenger hunts or similar activities, even if outdoors
  • As a student resident, access certain common areas in student residences

You will not need to provide a vaccine passport to:

  • Access classes, seminars, tutorials, teaching labs, field courses or other curricular activities
  • Conduct research
  • Access Student Services for health-related services or individual services
  • Access your residence room
  • Borrow or consult library items

More details will follow as we gather more information and finalize implementation, and it is possible that there may be modifications to the list above. We will publish a detailed list on the McGill Coronavirus website once it is finalized.

Anyone who is fully vaccinated can get a vaccine passport from the Quebec government. To do so, you can download the Vaxicode app for iOS or Android devices and scan the QR code provided by the Government of Quebec. (Note that the Android app is not yet available in the Google store but is expected to be before September 1.)

Without a vaccine passport, your McGill experience will be much less fun. Do your bit to protect yourself and others. If you have any questions about vaccination, please consult the Unsure about vaccination page.

Stay safe and be well.


Fabrice Labeau
Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning