Award-winning team is adding beds and speeding recovery

Victor Swoboda, The Neuro

June is Stroke Awareness Month, a good time to announce that The Neuro’s Stroke Unit will expand in the Fall of 2019 when 15 beds will be transferred from the Montreal General Hospital (MGH), bringing the total number of beds at The Neuro to 30.

The Stroke Unit team is an award-winning group of professionals from several disciplines dedicated to helping patients achieve the best possible outcome as quickly as possible after a stroke. It’s one of two tertiary stroke centres in Montreal. This means they treat victims of hyper-acute stroke, which is a stroke that has occurred within 10-12 hours before the patient’s arrival at the hospital.

Studies at The Neuro over the last few years have been key for the re-evaluation of thrombectomy as an effective stroke treatment. Thrombectomy is a radiological procedure where a catheter is inserted into an artery, moves up towards the clot that caused the stroke, and traps the clot which is then pulled out of the vessel along with the catheter. This removes the blockage of the artery and allows the blood to return to the brain, hopefully reversing the effects of the stroke.

Thrombectomies have been around for many years but, for a long time, the scientific literature could not demonstrate that they were effective. In the past few years, many studies have shown that pulling out the clot is a good thing if it’s performed in the right patients and without delay. In these cases, as soon as you remove the clot, there are remarkable benefits.

The Neuro now has two beds dedicated to thrombolysis patients in the acute care area. Neuro patients who receive thrombolysis treatments are transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and into an acute care area faster, freeing up ICU beds and giving the patients more specialized care.

The Stroke Unit staff includes the following specialists:

Neurologist: Dr. Lucy Vieira

Nurse manager: Jessica Dumoulin

Assistant nurse managers: Rick Sanchez and Rosalynn Bautista

Clinical nurse specialist: Gabriel Domocos

Physiotherapist: Allison Jacobson

Occupational therapist: Tanya Santagata

Speech language pathologists: Kalyna Franko and Andreanne Laberge-Poirier

Nutritionist: Roxana Nedelcu

Social workers: Jennyfer Garcia Cruz and Christina Kalavritinos

Neuro-radiologist: Dr. Maria Del Pilar Cortes Nino

Neurosurgeons: Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Denis Sirhan

June 14 2019