Source: MUHC

One of the Neuro’s signature characteristics is its practice of Open Science – the open distribution of ideas and technologies and resources, in order to remove barriers to discovery. Now, the Neuro’s philosophy is taking speed with other institutions following suit. We are proud to say that the Neuro is one of 19 institutions that have taken the ‘Open COVID Pledge’, a commitment to exchange intellectual property free of charge, for the sake of ending this pandemic.

The Neuro’s commitment to fighting COVID-19 is also present on the ground, where the safety of patients and staff is ensured. Just one example is the Neuro’s Day Centre, where outpatients receive critical treatments. This service has adopted new functioning strategies to create an environment of social distancing: equipment and furniture have been rearranged in treatment and waiting rooms as well as in patient accessible areas.

The Neuro is committed to the cause in more ways than one. Make your commitment today to stay in and save lives.

April 23 2020