Brazilian intellectual property researcher Dr. Roberto Reis is collaborating with The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute to learn about Open Science principles.

Vanessa Tamburro, Neuro

On May 7, 2019, The Neuro welcomed intellectual property researcher Dr. Roberto Reis on a two-year sabbatical from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Fiocruz is a leading public health research institution consisting of 16 scientific and technical units focused on teaching, research, innovation and patient-care. It is located in 10 states in Latin America and has an office in Mozambique, Africa. Fiocruz is currently working to develop and implement an institutional open science policy, build and analyze its capacity for open science, and establish open science pilot projects.

With a unique skill set in IP, pharma and civil law, Reis is collaborating with The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute (TOSI) to:

“The Neuro’s Open Science initiative is one of the most important and developed experiences in the world, so there is no better place for me and my colleagues back home to collaborate, share and learn,” said Reis.

“I hope that I can help ongoing initiatives and take my experience back to Fiocruz, with the understanding that the Open Science model can push knowledge forward in a much more efficient way compared to the current paradigm that is strongly dependent on proprietary technology and information based mainly on patents, copyrights and trade secrets.”

“We are encouraged by work being done at Fiocruz. This will help advance global Open Science initiatives that promise to revolutionize research and accelerate discovery and drug development for the benefit of patients and their families,” said Guy Rouleau, Director of The Neuro and TOSI co-founder. “We are thrilled to count Fiocruz as one of the pioneers of this new way of doing research and look forward to working closely with Dr. Reis and others to make this happen.”

Want to help grow the open science community? Contact Annabel Seyller, Chief Operating Officer, The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute.


June 3 2019