The Office for Respectful Environments (ORE) implementation team (courtesy Leah Moss)


There will likely be much written 100 years from now about how we dealt with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Although there were many days of stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown, there was also a deliberate attempt by colleagues to maintain a sense of normalcy and collegiality in their lives. The picture attached captures a group of colleagues working on a joint project experiencing a moment of levity and of celebration on moving a project forward to launch. It’s an example of the resilience of our staff. It’s very unlikely such a group picture would have been taken if we were not working in a remote format. It made me think of all the times a group of colleagues felt success had been achieved but may not have been marked with a group photo or otherwise. A silver lining of the pandemic was that such moments were able to be captured. 


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