For the past 24 years, on the Tuesday after Mother’s Day, Canadians have been wearing denim and making a suggested $5 donation to the CURE Foundation. By providing funding for research, medical equipment and community programs, CURE is exploring all avenues in the fight against breast cancer.
Next week Tuesday, on May 12th, CURE will be launching its annual National Denim Day campaign by asking Canadians to take a house-bound snap of themselves wearing their favourite jeans, then sharing it online. To support the important work of CURE and take part in the campaign:

  1. Wear your favorite jeans
  2. Make a $5 donationto CURE
  3. Take a photoof you (and others in your household)
  4. Upload your imageand post your message:

I have just donated to CURE in my favourite jeans on #nationaldenimday. Will you join me?

  1. Don’t forgetto tag @FoundationCURE (for twitter and Instagram) @fondationCUREfoundation (for Facebook)

*McGill University’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre has benefitted from funds raised through CURE via grant support to researchers, with great progress being made in fundamental and translational research to improve breast cancer patients’ therapies and outcomes.

Thank you for your support.