Source: MUHC

In the face of COVID-19, the Emergency Department (ED) of the Glen site (adult) is banding together more than ever. Staff have cancelled vacations, part-time workers are offering more availability and all team members are looking out for symptoms of the virus in each other.

“We watch out for one another in terms of our physical health and we also try to boost each other’s morale,” says Joanne Leduc, assistant to the department’s nurse manager. “There’s a sense that we are in this together.”

As you look upon these photos, please remember the reason why you are staying in – because doing so not only saves lives, but helps those working in our EDs.

Pictured in these photos are Drs. Karl Cernovitch and Zachary Levine wearing personal protective gear, Assistant Nurse Managers Maxime Valerius and Stacey Sigler, Unit Coordinator, Teresa Rodrigues, patient attendants (PABs) Ana Lucrecia and Roxane Pimentel, and Sylvie Machado from Housekeeping.

In the final picture is nurse Tatiana Murza Dedikova, wearing the personal protective equipment necessary to care for a patient suspected of having COVID-19.

April 14 2020