The Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) of the Montreal Children’s Hospital is proud to launch a series of pediatric trauma and acute care simulation videos on the Luma1 smart video platform for use in conflict and disaster zones. Inspired by the work of our adult trauma care colleagues and on request from members of the Ukrainian community, the PED coordinated a team of doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists in the production of short simulation videos, including members of the departments of Pediatric Surgery, ENT and Neonatology.

“These videos are for health care personnel and first responders in war zones to help them treat children in trauma,” Esli Osmanlliu, MDCM, one of the physicians involved in the project and Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Pediatrics at McGill and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, told TVA Nouvelles.

Still from Montreal Children’s Hospital simulation videos destined for Ukrainian colleagues in conflict zone, this one on treating pediatric burn victims. (Photo: still from Luma1 video)

The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted the plight of people both fleeing from and trapped within conflict zones everywhere. Said Dr. Osmanlliu, “It’s extremely hard to see the suffering of children in this war zone and in all the war zones all over the world.” Initially translated into Ukrainian, translation work on the videos will continue into many other languages to equitably support the care of children experiencing trauma worldwide.

Still from Montreal Children’s Hospital simulation videos destined for Ukrainian colleagues in conflict zone, this one on opening an airway. (Photo: still from Luma1 video)

Thank you!

The Pediatric Emergency Department team wishes to thank Tanya Babiuk-Henry, Violaine Vastel, Johanne Boyer, Denise Kudirka, Caroline White, Elena Guadagno, Elissa Remmer and Drs. Esli Osmanlliu, Jennifer Turnbull, Chady El-Tawil, Etienne Saint-Louis, Ilana Bank, Lily Ha-Nam P. Nguyen, Elene Khalil, and Michelle Ryan for their efforts. Thank you to the MUHC Simulation Centre for the use of the space and preparation of equipment. We also wish to thank Luma1 for their endless hours of pro bono work in recording, editing and translating these videos.


Watch the videos (in Ukrainian):

Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants: des vidéos pour aider à soigner des enfants en Ukraine (TVA Nouvelles, April 11)

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