Scientists will explore AI, neural circuits, autism, and many other exciting fields

Shawn Hayward, The Neuro

A new cohort of neuroscience researchers will push the boundaries at The Neuro, exploring brain function for the benefit of patients with neurological disease. The research experience they bring from institutions such as Northwestern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University will add to the rich mix of expertise we have at The Neuro:


Xiaoqian Chai

Chai’s research program is to understand the relation between brain organization and cognitive development, and to examine how large-scale brain networks support learning, memory and language.




Maiya Geddes

Geddes’ research focuses on cognitive reserve in aging; in particular, protective factors in healthy aging.





Jean-François Poulin

Poulin’s lab studies how dopamine circuits are formed during development and how these circuits are affected in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.




Blake Richards

Richards’ lab will develop AI algorithms that can find meaningful patterns in the way neurons interact with one another. These patterns can reveal how learning, memory and decision making work in the brain.




Joshua Sonnen

Sonnen’s research interest is the neuropathology of age-related, neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body/Parkinson disease, vascular brain injury, traumatic brain injury /chronic traumatic encephalopathy, motor neuron disease, and frontotemporal dementia.



Jo Anne Stratton

Stratton’s research spans basic in vitro cell culture interrogation of cellular interactions, to transgenic animal models which recapitulate responses to different injuries and diseases, to human cellular and histological analyses.




Yang Zhou

Zhou is leading a research group that will reveal the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie developmental brain disorders such as autism and search for therapeutic clues with interdisciplinary approaches.




August 28 2019