Source: MUHC

Even within the hospital social distancing is encouraged. To put the notion into practice, there are fewer tables in the cafeteria, and they have been placed farther apart. The windows at our admitting desks have been redesigned to minimize contact while maintaining functionality. These changes and others promoting safety and health throughout the Glen site in response to COVID-19 were performed by the Glen Facilities Management team.

In record time, the Glen Facilities Management team and their private partners – GDI,  SNC Lavalin Grands Projets inc. (SLGP), Groupe infrastructure santé McGill Operations and Management (GISM O&M), and Johnson Controls (JCI) – transformed an empty commercial space into a COVID-19 clinic. “Within 72 hours, the empty space had walls, ventilation, electrical and data wiring, toilets, and sinks with hot water,” says Justin Ciampini, manager of Facilities Management at the Glen site. In addition to creating new spaces, the teams are responsible for transforming more patient rooms into negative pressure rooms, meaning the air in the patient room is filtered before travelling to the hallways, reducing the chances of contamination.

The team also had a hand in expanding the hospital’s capacity to provide intensive care; they examined standard patient rooms from an electrical and mechanical standpoint to transform them into intensive care rooms. “We have been working as a team,” says Francine Robillard, senior advisor, Facilities Management MUHC. “The collaboration between the MUHC and its private partners has been remarkable. Everyone wants to help.”

On behalf of the Glen Facilities Management team and all those who cannot work from home at this time, please do your part in stopping this pandemic. Stay in.

April 2 2020