The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and the RUIS McGill announced the integration of telehealth services into the National Program for Home Ventilatory Assistance (NPHVA).

Televisit is a new high-tech system that allows healthcare workers to conduct ‘virtual visits’ to patients, through live video communications. This particular system also permits the transmission of physiological data in real-time to aid in the assessment of patient health.

The integration of this new service will improve access to specialized care for both pediatric and adult patients, particularly in remote areas of the RUIS McGill, and other regions of Quebec.

<em><strong>Patient Marie-France Perreault. Photos: Pierre Dubois- MUHC</em></strong>
Patient Marie-France Perreault. Photos: Pierre Dubois- MUHC

“Quebecers need and deserve exemplary healthcare services and support delivered at the right time and place, and when possible within one’s home,” explains the Hon. Arthur T. Porter, President of the RUIS McGill and MUHC Director General and CEO.

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