Source: MUHC

The Montreal General Hospital (MGH) has undergone some changes: there are more soap dispensers, hand-sanitizer dispensers in the hallways, hands-free faucets and many new Plexiglas dividers installed at numerous admission and reception desks. These are but a handful of the projects our Facilities Management team at the MGH have dedicated themselves to in contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

“We are responsible for keeping the building up and running,” says Mohamed Merheb, manager of MGH Facilities Management. “Under normal circumstances, that means fixing anything from a broken stretcher to making repairs in the thermal plant. We are still taking care of those kinds of issues, however, in light of the pandemic, we’ve taken on the added role of redesigning rooms for COVID-19 patients.”

In addition to converting more patient rooms into negative pressure rooms for COVID-19 patients, the team is building negative pressure anterooms for operating theatres.

The MGH Facilities Management team knows what it takes to turn a house into a home. Appreciate yours today by staying in it.

April 14 2020