New online portal to coordinate at national level research, diagnostic, and social efforts in the midst of the pandemic

Source: McGill Newsroom

McGill University announced it has joined the network of senior researchers, students, and web developers, in the launch of the national COVID-19 Resources Canada portal, a central hub designed to help those involved in COVID-19 R&D in Canada to locate expertise and equipment in a timely manner. Since launching, over 1,800 volunteers have already signed up via the portal to help in the fight against COVID-19. The portal aims to support front-line healthcare workers, expand the capacities of public health and research labs, and serve as a source of expertise on COVID-19. The initiative sprang from the combined efforts of McGill University Professor Guillaume Bourque (Faculty of Medicine) and University of Toronto Professor Tara Moriarty (Faculty of Dentistry). Thanks to a community-wide effort, this portal now hosts over 100 resources, including a list of active Canadian COVID-19 related research programs, calls for critical reagents needed to expand COVID-19 testing capacity, volunteer recruitment and other relevant community-based initiatives.

March 31 2020