Source: JGH News

Coping with the high volume of emergency patients and preventing the spread of infection were the focus of attention on June 25 during a visit to the JGH by Danielle McCann, Minister of Health and Social Services.

After meeting in the board room with CIUSSS leaders, administrators and senior managers—including Alan Maislin, President of the Board of Directors; Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO; and Francine Dupuis, Associate CEO—Ms. McCann spent about two hours touring the hospital and speaking with members of staff.

On the eighth floor of Pavilion K, she stopped just outside an isolation area to discuss infection prevention control with Louise Miner, Director of Professional Services; Lucie Tremblay, Director of Nursing; and Mona Abou Sader, Head Nurse of K8.

In the Emergency Department, Ms. McCann spoke with Dr. Marc Afilalo, Chief of Emergency Services, and Valerie Schneidman, Head Nurse of Emergency, while touring the Rapid Assessment Zone, which enables patients with less serious problems to be treated and discharged relatively quickly, without having to occupy a hospital stretcher.



July 2 2019