Source: Ingram School of Nursing

Nursing has been a great joy and delight in my life. I have enjoyed many nursing roles from staff nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, nurse practitioner in Northern Quebec on James Bay, lecturer at the School of Nursing and so on. Rural health clinics and summer camps were other places that I served with great enthusiasm. Since 2004, my passion has been to serve as a nurse Consultant with CURE International. Our goal is to provide essential surgeries to children with disabilities sometimes these are congenital sadly some are caused by burns. It has been a privilege to collaborate with national nurses in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Zambia, Niger and the Philippines. The surgeries and post-op care makes all the difference in the children’s lives. One of our bywords is ‘Healing changes everything’. It really does! Children, their families and communities are transformed through the whole person care that is provided. I can hardly believe that I get to do this work; to train nurses, care for patients, collaborate, innovate, and implement best practices towards excellent care of these precious children. I am 62 but have no plans to retire from this most satisfying life-giving work. Thankful for my nursing training for both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

Thank you to all the McGill nursing staff and clinical instructors who pushed me to be my best!

Story of Strength by:
Maureen Sloan

Former Faculty Member, BSc(N) 1979 MSc(N) 1986

July 27 2020