McGill University’s Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR) and Galenvs Sciences Inc. (Galenvs), a leader in the field of magnetic nanoparticle research and synthesis, announce a partnership that will catapult their translational research portfolios and create joint training and funding opportunities.

The partnership between Galenvs and the FEMR will encompass translational research projects to develop novel products and nanomaterials to address pressing diagnostic, health and environmental challenges. The scientific focus of the partnership will apply cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques to advance research in magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) for clinical sample preparation and diagnostics. Owing to their magnetic properties, chemical stability, biocompatibility, and capability to precisely tune their properties and characteristics through surface modification, MNPs are commonly used in many biomedical applications. This includes Galenvs’ core competencies in clinical diagnostics and biological sample preparation for downstream molecular point-of-care assays. Potential therapeutic and medical applications also include contrast enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), site-specific magnetic targeting, magnetic hyperthermia treatment, and delivery of drugs to parts of the body that are difficult to access.  

Through the strategic partnership, Galenvs will have access to state-of-the-art electron microscopes and sample preparation equipment in addition to the scientific and technical expertise at the FEMR. Electron microscopy will be used to improve products and manufacturing processes, optimize standards for quality control, increase efficiency while minimizing waste and costs, and develop new specialized products and nanomaterial-based analytical services at Galenvs.

The FEMR is expanding its collaborative research and development and translational research portfolio. By working with Galenvs, an industrial partner with specialized application and workflow perspectives and deep proficiency in novel nanomaterials preparation and post-synthesis processing, the FEMR will strengthen its footprint and impact in technical innovation to develop and manufacture the next generation of nanomaterial products, diagnostic biosensors and therapeutics that address urgent health and environmental challenges.

“We are thrilled to partner with the FEMR and their exceptional team,” said Jamal Daoud, PhD, Executive Director of Galenvs. “The facility’s suite of state-of-the-art electron microscopes, including conventional, cryogenic and analytical transmission, and scanning electron microscope platforms, will boost the progress of application-based nanomaterials research and development in Canada.”

The partnership will also provide opportunities to train the next generation of high-quality personnel. Researchers and students will have access to cutting-edge imaging technologies, equipment for sample preparation, and expertise in the fields of light and electron microscopy at the FEMR and the latest generation of complementary analytical equipment at Galenvs. The students may also pursue co-operative experiences and internships at Galenvs to further their nanomaterials research projects. These internships will provide students and research fellows with industry experience, career development opportunities and the chance to experience the unique culture of Galenvs.

“We are excited to partner with Galenvs Sciences, the largest manufacturer of magnetic nanoparticles in Canada,” said Joaquin Ortega, PhD, the FEMR’s Scientific Director. “This innovative partnership will greatly enhance the translational research footprint at the FEMR and will facilitate the implementation of academic knowledge and skills to the industrial sector.”

“Staff at the FEMR will train students working on research projects within the framework of this innovative partnership on latest generation electron microscopes and ancillary equipment for sample preparation,” added Hojatollah Vali, PhD, Director Emeritus at the FEMR. “The philosophy at Galenvs is oriented towards education and training the next generation of highly qualified people. Most of Galenvs’ personnel are a diverse collection of researchers with many sponsored post-doctoral fellows and graduate students from various institutions. It is a unique environment that should be replicated elsewhere in the biotechnology and biomedical sectors.”

This partnership will provide a fertile ground to leverage joint-funding opportunities. In the context of this collaboration with Galenvs, McGill investigators linked to the FEMR will be submitting applications that involve collaborative teams of researchers and industry partners to accelerate the application of new knowledge and exert a wide-reaching impact on Canadians. These industry-driven collaborative research programs and grants foster the transfer of knowledge and skills to the user sector, enabling the commercialization of Canada’s research.

Within the framework of collaborative endeavours, research teams at the FEMR and Galenvs will work together to develop innovative research projects that will revolutionize magnetic nanoparticle research – and nanomaterial development at-large – and have wide-reaching impact on the translation of scientific findings into innovative tools.

About Galenvs Sciences Inc.

Galenvs Sciences Inc. is a privately held biotechnology and nanomaterials company based in Montreal, Quebec. It is a pioneer in synthesizing magnetic nanoparticles and formulating magnetic bead-based biomolecule purification reagents. Galenvs’ translational research, product offerings, and precision diagnostic services also encompass next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows as well as specialized oligonucleotide synthesis. The company’s research is informed by artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate translational and biomedical research and is found in many applications, including fundamental and clinical research and diagnostic procedures. 

About the FEMR at McGill University

The Facility for Electron Microscopy Research is a world-class, open-access electron microscopy facilitylocated on the downtown campus of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. The FEMR offers a comprehensive range of electron microscopy resources, expertise, and services for routine and advanced sample preparation, electron microscopy imaging, and analysis of biological matter, hydrated and beam-sensitive, and ambient temperature materials.