Raquel_DelCarpio-ODonovanThe Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) has named Dr. Raquel Z. del Carpio-O’Donovan the recipient of its 2017 CAR Gold Medal Award, for distinguished and extraordinary service to the Association and the discipline of radiology. Dr. del Carpio-O’Donovan is an eminent neuroradiologist who has had a brilliant academic career in her 30 years at McGill University. Her unconditional commitment to her profession is evident in her outstanding record of teaching and mentorship. As a teacher, she has helped shape the careers of innumerable radiologists who now practice around the world. Her emphasis on lifelong learning has led to numerous prestigious teaching awards.

During her academic career, she has published 43 peer-reviewed papers, co-authored 6 book chapters, been involved in 23 research projects, and has been an invited speaker at countless national and international meetings. Her reputation as a clinical leader in neuroradiology is evidenced by the number and breadth of her publications and academic endeavours.

Congratulations Dr. del Carpio-O’Donovan!

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