By Frédérique Mazerolle, Department of Family Medicine

We wish to congratulate Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier, Associate Professor of the Department of Family Medicine, for receiving the Honorary Scarlet Key from the McGill Alumni Association.

The Scarlet Key Society began in 1925 as the official host and guide for dignitaries and special guests visiting the University. In 1938, a parallel organization called the Red Wing Society was established for female students, which later joined the Scarlet Key Society in 1971. The Society has since revised its constitution to focus on three main goals: recognition of leadership, service to the University and the greater community, and maintaining an organized Society for its members.

Dr. Tellier is involved in teaching, research and clinical work at McGill and beyond. As a family physician, he teaches in the medical and nursing schools, and supervises medical students, nurse practitioner students and family medicine residents during their clinical experience at the CLSC Côte-des-Neiges teaching unit. He also supervises pediatric residents and other learners at Head and Hands during their Social Pediatric elective, as well as Adolescent Medicine Fellows during their youth at risk rotation.

“Service and giving back to the community have always been important to me,” says Dr. Tellier. No matter how it is defined, as a leader it is important that you work in conjunction with the members of this community to identify what is important to them, and then conjointly try to meet these needs.”

During his tenure as the Director of Undergraduate Education for the Department of Family Medicine, from 1994 to 2004, Dr. Tellier initiated the Family Medicine component of Introduction to Medicine and Clerkship and introduced the teaching of the “Sensitive Pelvic Examination.”

Dr. Tellier also served as the Director for Student Health Services at McGill for more than 30 years (before stepping down in 2015), where he came to be known as “Dr. T.” by students and peers. During his mandate, he saw the implementation of the Shag Shop, a safe place to get protection and toys, as well as, where students can ask health questions. He also worked with students from Healthy McGill, consulted with students on health topics and hosted student events.

It is to no surprise that students nominated him to pay respect to his many contributions to the McGill community.

“Most of my career has been spent working for and with students, so there is nothing that pleases me more than to be celebrated by all of you, on behalf of your peers,” Dr. Tellier concludes.

We are pleased to recognize the excellence and importance of Dr. Tellier’s work. Congratulations!

October 18, 2018