The VP-Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences Awards of Excellence, also known as the Ovation Awards, recognize remarkable Managerial, Clerical, and Technical staff members from the Faculty with three prizes: the Pamela Chase Award, Anne McCormick Award, and Priyabrata Mukopadhyay “PB” Award.

The 2022 Ovation Awards Ceremony took place on December 8, and was held in person in Montreal, with a remote link to Campus Outaouais. “The three people being recognized tonight are committed to advancing the mission of our Faculty, and are making exceptional contributions on a daily basis,” said David Eidelman, MDCM, V-P (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in his opening remarks.

The three laureates were invited to receive their prize, after being introduced by their respective nominators.

The Pamela Chase award was awarded to Nicole Gignac, Senior Administrative Coordinator in the Institute of Health Sciences Education (ISHE).

Elizabeth Anne Kinsella, PhD, IHSE Director, thanked Nicole for covering several administrative roles these last few years. “Nicole held down the fort at Lady Meredith House, she showed dedication, commitment,” said Prof. Kinsella. “She is a talented, conscientious employee, essential in helping us thrive in this challenging environment.”

Up next was the Anne McCormick Award, whose laureate is Alain Boulet, Projects and Logistics Manager at Campus Outaouais.

The prize was introduced by Gilles Brousseau, MD, outgoing Vice-Dean & Director, Campus Outaouais. “Alain has been deeply involved with the development of Campus Outaouais since its inception,” said Dr. Brousseau. “Collaborative, efficient, respectful and professional, he always finds solutions to various challenges. Without him, the campus would not be the same.”

Finally, Linda Kachmar, Research Technician at the MUHC, received the Priyabrata Mukhopadhyay  Award.

Anne-Marie Lauzon, PhD, Director, Experimental Medicine, was full of praise for Linda, who has been working at McGill University for more than three decades. “Linda has dedicated many years to develop a niche in the lab,” said Prof. Lauzon. “She is the resource person in the lab, helping students and teaching techniques for experiments. Linda fully deserves this award!”

Demetra Kafantaris, Executive Director of the Faculty, added that all our laureates were exceptional and acted as “role models for the Faculty.” “They are truly raising the bar – it’s their commitment and passion that allows us all to be successful,” she concluded.

Congratulations again to our three Ovation Awards laureates, as well as to all our nominees!

To see the list of past winners, please see here.