In this Q&A series, part of the Black History Month and Beyond initiative of the BHM Organizing Committee co-led by Black students and faculty in the School of Population and Global Health’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Anti-Racism Committee, we meet some of the incredible Black FMHS learners who are making a better world here at McGill, in the community and in the world.

In conversation with Thilor Ndiaye, PhD candidate in epidemiology. Read more.

In conversation with Nicholas Hickens, master’s student in family medicine. Read more.

In conversation with Chanelle N. Lawson-Lartego, master’s student in public health. Read more.

In conversation with Farida Zakariya, master’s student in Experimental Medicine. Read more.

In conversation with Milca Meconnen, master’s student in public health. Read more.

Headshot of Amirah-Iman Hicks. In the background is a city skyline. In the foreground, Amirah is smiling at the camera and has brown-black, shoulder-length dreadlocks. She is wearing brown lipstick, rectangular glasses with a thin, black frame, a black winter coat and a navy blue Seattle Seahawks tuque. / Portrait d’Amirah-Iman Hicks. En arrière-plan, on voit la silhouette d’une ville. Au premier plan, Amirah, arborant des tresses rastas brun-noir qui lui arrivent aux épaules, sourit à l’appareil photo. Elle porte un rouge à lèvres brun, des lunettes rectangulaires à fine monture noire, un manteau d’hiver noir et une tuque bleu marine des Seahawks de Seattle.In conversation with physiology PhD candidate Amirah-Iman Hicks. Read more.



Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Standing Committee