In the fall of 2012, following the election of a new Quebec government, the new Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology called for a February Summit on Higher Education, which will bring together student groups, universities, government and civil society to build a common vision for Quebec’s post-secondary institutions.

The Government of Quebec will hold a summit in February to discuss the future of our universities. In anticipation, McGill has launched a website that outlines the administration’s positions on financing, governance, accessibility and more, and also links to differing positions held by student groups, higher education organizations and others. You’ve got a real stake in the future of higher education in Quebec, and we invite you to explore the site at and form your own opinions on the urgent issues facing our universities.

Four main themes will be discussed:

  • the quality of higher education;
  • the accessibility of and participation in higher education;
  • the governance and financing of universities; and
  • the impact of of higher education institutions and of research on Quebec’s development as a whole.

In anticipation of the Summit, this website lays out the position of McGill’s senior administration on these topics. We recognize that there are many different views, however; to provide the broadest possible spectrum of opinion, we’ve linked to a wide range of other perspectives as well.

We invite you to browse through all these sources, and to draw your own conclusions about the role and future of higher education in Quebec.


January 18, 2013