In the context of the messages sent by the University on Sept. 29 and Sept. 21, the Faculty is exercising increased caution in its assessment of requests to resume on-campus activities or to come onto campus for other reasons. Only those who must be on campus to do the following will be considered:

  • perform job functions, or
  • provide student services and activities with essential in-person need, or
  • conduct essential research or research that cannot be performed off campus, or
  • teach in person (e.g., clinical skills activities).

Additionally, we are reviewing all non-teaching and non-research activities that have resumed or were recently approved to resume to ensure they meet these criteria, as well as safety directives. In the event an activity does not meet the criteria or comply with the directives, approval could be temporarily withdrawn.
Note: approved teaching, exam and research resumption plans remain in force at this time, subject to any future change in directives that may require us to adapt on short notice.

Our goal is to keep everyone, and by extension our families and communities, safe and well.

We take this opportunity to also advise anyone who is on campus that, in the event of a fire alarm, you are to follow the building’s established emergency exit routes instead of the COVID-19 directional instructions. The emergency exit routes take precedence. The annual fire drill exercise has begun; however, we can never know when a fire alarm is signaling a drill or a real incident. Therefore, if the alarm rings, proceed immediately to the nearest exit. If you need assistance due to a mobility constraint, contact security at 514 398-3000.

Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing collaboration.


David Eidelman, MDCM

Vice-Principal (Health Affairs)

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

and Health Sciences

Demetra Kafantaris, MBA

Executive Director

Administration and Operations



October 1 2020