In response to the Governement and Health and Social Services Minister’s refusal to consult Quebecers on the reform of Quebec’s Health system, health professional students created the Quebec Health Professional Students’ Round table (FRESQue in French). This interprofessional student initiative was created to participate in the ongoing reform of our healthcare system.

Uniting future professionals in occupational and physical therapy, kinesiology, medicine, speech-language pathology, pharmacy, psychology, nursing and social work, the Round table will adopt and advocate recommendations aimed at improving the healthcare system and influencing the work of the Health and Social Services Minister. “We believe that consultation is extremely precious, an essential step in the creation of rational and positive healthcare reform,” affirmed Jessica Ruel-Laliberté, cofounder of the Round table. “Given the absence of public consultation, we are proud to be able to create a space where Quebecers can come together to inform Minister Barrette of their vision of the future of our healthcare system.”

First Public Annual Summit to be held in April 2016 Improving Access to Primary Care

The Round table will hold its first annual summit on the 23rd and 24th of April 2016 in Montreal. The goal of this summit is to gather future professionals, patients, and experts to reflect on how to improve access to primary care services . By the end of the summit, recommendations will be adopted based on up-to-date literature and on thorough discussions by diverse and experienced members of the Round Table. Ahead of the summit, we invite patient groups, experts, professional associations, and the general public to submit recommendations and to apply to attend as observers with speaking rights (please email politique@fmeq.ca ).

Uniting for the future of healthcare in Quebec

This initiative marks the first time that future health professionals from all disciplines come together to discuss the future of the healthcare system. David Benrimoh, cofounder of the Round table, feels that the enthusiastic response of student associations thus far is evidence that Quebecers need to be consulted on these issues. “This is the first real public consultation on accessibility of primary care services, and we are excited to start working with other members of society to bring forward a new vision for the future of healthcare in Quebec,” he explained.

A note on the Round table

The Round table was founded in January 2016 and gathers future health professionals from across the province in a nonhierarchical, interprofessional and democratic setting. Currently composed of 23 university-level student associations, the Round table represents its member associations to the government and to Quebecers. The Round table advocates for the student vision of a more effective, just, and accessible healthcare system.

For Information:

Jessica Ruel-Laliberté


Cofounder of FRESQue

Political Affairs OfficerFédération

Médicale Étudiante du Québec



David Benrimoh (English)

Cofounder of FRESQUE



President of the Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee of the McGill Medical Student’s Society (MSS)

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