IDRC (International Development Research Centre)Provided through the Canadian Partnerships program, these grants support research, knowledge-building, and knowledge-sharing projects. They also fund events and small dissemination activities and products.

The overall objective for 2010-15 is to strengthen the capacity of the Canadian international development and research community to carry out research and knowledge-related activities, with the potential to influence policy and practice, in a collaborative manner across types of institutions and sectors and with LMIC partners.

Budget requests for support to research, knowledge-building, and knowledge-sharing projects must be between $15,000 and $60,000.

Requests for support to events and to small dissemination activities and products must be between $1,000 and $15,000.

Project durations will not exceed 21 months, including all research activities and final reporting. The start date may be no later than November 1, 2014 and all projects, including submission of reports, must be completed by March 31, 2016. note that a start date of, for example, November 1, 2014 leaves 17 months for all activities and reporting. Eight to Fifteen applications are expected to be approved in this call.

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Submission Instructions:


A university may submit up to three concept notes in this call. If more than three concept notes are received at OSR by December 10, 2013, or more than one from the same institutional unit (department, centre, institute), an internal selection process will determine which concept notes to be forwarded to IDRC. Please be sure to provide OSR with a copy of your concept note by the stated deadline. Applications received after the internal deadline will not be considered for submission to IDRC.


Internal OSR Concept Note Deadline: December 10, 2013


Fully completed concept notes should be submitted to the named Office of Sponsored Research contact. Please see the concept note guidelines here.


Internal OSR Concept Notice of Decision: December 20, 2013


Given the tight deadlines of this call, OSR will do its best to communicate the results of the internal selection process by the stated date. Only invited applicants will be eligible to submit their concept note. Disclaimer: per the text in blue above.


IDRC Concept Note Deadline:January 6, 2014, 23:59 EST


If invited, applicants should submit the concept note using the IDRC online application tool.

Notice of Award: March 14, 2014

Internal Contact: Martyn Liness (Grants Officer, Grants & Foundations, OSR)

December 4, 2013