Dear Colleagues,

The Oncology communities within McGill University, the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) and St. Mary’s Hospital Center (SMHC) are combining strengths to improve cancer care for Quebecers. Our shared goal is to reduce the burden of cancer by improving the quality and experience of care and survival, as well as quality of life for patients.

This long-term, collaborative effort, resulting in the creation of the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN), became possible in 2012, thanks to the philanthropy of the Larry and Cookie Rossy Family Foundation (LCRFF) and an initial LCRFF financial contribution to lay the groundwork.

The MUHC, JGH and SMHC, all three affiliated McGill teaching hospitals, are currently working together based on a shared mission, vision and strategic plan for improving cancer care. The network provides an exceptional opportunity to advance care using a common framework of quality, resources and tools. Not only will it improve clinical outcomes, it will also have a positive influence on research and teaching, as well as our efficiency as a network.

Much energy has already been devoted by many of our colleagues at our institutions, as well as dedicated staff at the RCN, to advance the network’s activities. A governing structure has been put in place for the RCN that includes many of the leaders from each of the institutions.

To celebrate these numerous accomplishments and to publicly announce the launch of the RCN and the financial contribution of the LCRFF, a press conference will be held on May 15 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. at McGill University. The event can be viewed live at and will be posted on the RCN website, following the launch.

We are extremely enthusiastic about this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on cancer care for our patients, as well as on our teaching and research missions.



May 13, 2013