Press release from the Minister of Health and Social Services (translated):

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Yves Bolduc, in the company of the Minister of Finance, Minister of Revenue and the Minister Responsible for the Montreal Region, Mr. Raymond Bachand, Mount-Royal deputy and Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand, and D’Arcy-McGee deputy and Chair of the Government Caucus, Mr. Lawrence S. Bergman, announced today a new investment of $300 million dollars to allow the Jewish General Hospital to continue its expansion, in progress since 2010.

“A year ago, we gave the go-ahead for to construct the first phase of the K Pavilion for critical care and today we are confirming the fulfillment of phases 2 and 3. This ambitious and mobilizing project will have positive repercussions on the practice environment of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, while improving the quality and accessibility of care offered to patients,” stated Dr. Bolduc.

The new K Pavilion will host an emergency unit with 53 stretchers, plus an additional 5 stretchers in a shock area, to be used for the most unstable cases. Also, a new operative wing will be constructed with 18 operating rooms, along with an intensive medical and surgical care unit with 36 beds. The coronary unit will be equipped with 12 beds. The new birthing centre will include 15 birthing rooms, plus 12 beds reserved for at-risk pregnancies. The neonatology unit will include 40 bassinets, and 50 beds will be moved to the postpartum unit. The birthing centre will be equipped with two surgery rooms for births via cesarean and a recovery room. On the upper levels, there will be four 32-bed care units, each of which will be equipped with four isolation rooms. There will also be new rooms in the pavilion for sterilization, transfusion services, respiratory therapy, medical imaging and hemodynamics.

“The construction of the new critical care pavilion will make it possible to consolidate one of the major health care hubs in Montreal. This initiative adds to ongoing projects at the Université de Montréal hospital centre, the McGill University Health Centre and the Sainte-Justine hospital. With these investments, our government is further reinforcing Montreal’s role in the vast field of the life sciences,” stated Minister Bachand.

“The K Pavilion will include a basilaire housing the technical support centres, a six-level tower, an atrium connecting to the current hospital and four levels of underground parking. This work will make it possible to increase the area available to the Jewish General Hospital by more than 40%, to 193,000 meters squared. I am pleased with this project, which will undoubtedly benefit the people of Mount-Royal, the city and all of Quebec,” added Mr. Arcand.

“The hospital has witnessed incredible growth since its foundation in the 1930s. Today, our government is providing it with the means to go even farther in the fields of specialized and subspecialized care, research and training the next generation of health care workers,” stated deputy Lawrence S. Bergman.

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