Clinical research educational training program benefits researchers, staff and students at the inaugural event

Source: RI-MUHC

On January 28 the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) teamed up with Pfizer Canada to offer an educational workshop to 120 members of the research community. Specifically designed by Pfizer for clinical trial investigators and their study staff, the Pfizer Investigator Training Program (ITP) supports researchers interested in improving the many skills required for the planning, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.

Covering the entire trial process from planning through close-out activities, the ITP workshop offered practical recommendations for increasing the efficacy of clinical trial conduct at investigative sites. It also provided a forum in which everyone involved in clinical trials could share their experiences and receive practical advice.

“It’s very effective to bring together researchers and clinicians for this kind of training event,” said Virginia Lee, a scientist in the Cancer Research Program at the RI-MUHC and assistant professor in the Ingram School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, at M cGill University. “The information being presented is really current and relevant,” added participant Marie-Claude Joncas, a supervisor in the Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM) at the RI-MUHC.


The training benefits researchers and their trainees as well as the drug development industry. Pfizer is always looking to expand its pool of qualified clinical trial investigators and to improve the overall quality of clinical trials, and workshops like the ITP can help with these objectives.

“I am really proud to be partnering with the RI-MUHC to bring clinical trials to Canada,” said Claudia de Paola, a site relationship partner at Pfizer Canada. “We are working together to streamline the start-up activities of our clinical trials and enhance the overall quality of research, which in turn will help bring innovative medicines to Canadian patients.”


February 3 2020