This issue presents a wide range of advances in surgery-related research collaborations. Posters and abstracts of these works were presented at local, national and international scientific conferences serving to promote the excellent work performed by our scientific community.

Topics include advances made in the regenerative approach to treatment of diabetes presented by Dr. Maria Petropavlovskaya at the 1st Molecular & Regenerative Medicine Scientific Retreat. Researchers in colorectal surgery presented several posters and abstracts of their findings at the 2016 CAGS event.

Dr. Karam Mustapha of Polytech who has been working in collaboration with the surgery and oncology departments presented his on-going work with Dr. Jean-Marc Frayret on the design and development of patient healthcare simulation models.  These models will be used to streamline patient treatment trajectories, to improve patient treatment outcomes on disease, and patient post-treatment quality of life.  This work involves examining massive variables involved in the patient experience from start to finish, coordination of all staff participants, data and will improve the quality and timeliness of patient treatments.

This issue also acknowledges the leadership contributions made by Dr. Walter Gotlieb and offers reflections by summer students who completed observerships in cardiology and colorectal surgery as well as in the LDI research lab.

There is an announcement on the release of the 14 new bilingual Surgical Training Unit videos now available for all surgical students and residents. The issue also offers a look at some patient simulation cross disciplinary collaborative work on one of the treatment models currently under development as well as an introduction to the new Experimental Surgery Department researcher looking into technology and orthopaedics.

ASPIRE Newsletter – Fall 2016 – Vol 9 No 3

October 28, 2016