Dr. Michel Tremblay, director of McGill University's Rosalind and Moris Goodman Cancer Research Centre. Photo: Owen Egan

The pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson has recently announced the upcoming commercialization of tests capable of screening and counting the lowest amount of cancerous cells in the blood and determine the presence of a breast, colon or other type of cancer.

“This commercial test, the first able to detect and count cancerous cells, has a lot of potential,” believes Dr. Michel L. Tremblay, director of McGill University’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre… “These new technologies, concludes Dr. Tremblay, will revolutionize the detection of tumors but also the way cancers are treated.”

Dr. Tremblay was recently interviewed by Radio-Canada TV and radio, RDI, TVA, and 98,5 FM about a new blood test that may be able to detect cancer.

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