Congratulations to all the outstanding students who received special recognition upon completing their programs!  


Lila Abbas: Anne Marie Fong Hum Memorial Prize 

Nathania Adu-Gyamfi Yorke: F. Moyra Allen Prize 

Abed Baiad: Dr. Mark Cohen Prize in Ophthalmology and Ronald Douglas Naymark Award 

Charles Bazerghi: Helen M. Gault Award 

Johanna Dobransky: Dr. Allen Spanier Prize for Professionalism in Medicine and Robert Forsyth Prize in Surgery 

Sheena Doyle: Pearson Education in Canada Book Prize 

Simone Drouin: McGill Alumnae Society Prize 

Lucie Dubes: Psychiatry Prize 

Inès Dupuis: Elizabeth Ann Munro Gordon Prize and J. Francis Williams Prize in Medicine and Clinical Medicine 

Kinza Hart: Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists’ Award 

Nikita Mia Hurry: Barbara Ann Altshuler Prize in Nursing 

Rebecca Huston: Helen M. Gault Award 

Ericka Iny: Campbell Keenan Memorial Prize in Clinical Surgery 

Atchana S Kanagasabai: Lexy L. Fellowes Memorial Prize 

Kashif Khan: Scriver-Steinberg Convocation Prize in Human Genetics 

Sophie Levasseur: Prize in Vascular Surgery 

Dorsa Majdpour: Brian Newton Memorial Award  and E. David Sherman Award in Geriatric Medicine 

Koty Negreanu: John H. Altshuler Prize in Family Medicine 

Emily Oulousian: H.S. Birkett Memorial Prize in Otolaryngology 

Chelsea Pozzebon: Alexander D. Stewart Prize, Holmes Gold Medal, McGill Alumnae Society Prize and Montreal Children’s Hospital Prize for Pediatrics Excellence 

Noémie Rancourt: Prof. Margaret E. Hooton Award for Nursing Leadership 

Camille Rochefort: Ronald Douglas Naymark Award 

Eliana Rohr: Reilly Madsen Memorial Prize 

Alissa Rutman: Mona Bronfman Sheckman Prize in Psychiatry and Newell W. Philpott Prize in Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Daniel Shapiro-Callahan: Pearson Education in Canada Book Prize 

Ruth Tewah: Evelyn Rocque Malowany Prize in Nursing 

Courtenay Wood: Wood Gold Medal