Vision and Goals: Did we hear you?

Since kicking off in February 2012, Vision 2020 has engaged thousands of McGill community members in sharing their visions for a sustainable future. Dozens of events have generated countless ideas, often captured on sticky notes and massive pieces of brown paper. We have done our best to incorporate what we have heard into the draft Sustainability Vision & Goals report and now, we want to know if we got it right. Does what’s in the document match your vision for a sustainable future?

There are two ways for you to share what you think about what’s in (or not in) the document, and to share actions and opportunities that could move the community toward the Vision 2020 goals:

1. Online feedback tool [available here]

Check out the latest draft Sustainability Vision & Goals report that, in addition to the vision and goal statements, includes info about the Vision 2020 process, context, and overlap with other planning processes. Then, use the online form to comment on the document by December 10th. Clear feedback is appreciated, and point form is fine. Include as little or as much detail as you would like.

2. Hallway displays [across campus]

You can post your ideas and comments on the massive interactive hallways displays that will be set up from November 28-December 5, in the SSMU building, the Mac-Stewart lobby, Trottier, Redpath, Thomson House, and RVC. There will also be displays in Leacock on November 28 and December 5.

Ideas shared through the online tool and at the hallway displays will be used to finalize the Vision and Goals this semester, and jumpstart action planning in January. If you have any questions, post them below or send us a message at!




December 6, 2012