Do you know of someone – a colleague, student, postdoc, or other – who is doing exceptional things and is under the age of 30?

Forbes is currently seeking nominations for their annual “30 under 30” list and they are hoping to receive nominations from deserving McGillians in the health care category.

They are looking for people doing exciting and interesting things in the sciences, both in academia and in the private sector. On the academic side, they are looking for people who have made new and interesting discoveries with strong applications to their field. On the commercial side, they are looking for entrepreneurs who have been able to demonstrate success in the market, whether through approved therapies, strong revenues or being able to raise a significant amount of money to back their company.

For examples of previous people featured, last year’s list is available here.

If someone you know is deserving of this recognition, nominations can be made between now and the end of September at the following link:


Self-nominations are also accepted.


September 23 2019