On Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 77 undergraduate nursing students celebrated their graduation from the B.Sc.(N.) and BN(I) programs. The School of Nursing hosts a reception in their honour and those brave enough to face the first snow storm of the year arrived with their family and friends to participate in the recognition event. The reception included an array of food and drinks, speeches from faculty and colleagues and presentation of convocation prizes. We wish our newest graduates success with their future careers as nurses!

Kyla Martinson and Louise Pick, B.Sc.N. graduates. Photo: Nicolas Morin







Graduating class reading the Hippocratic Oath. Photo: Nicolas Morin








From left to right: Dr. Hélène Ezer, Director, School of Nursing and Professor Madeleine Buck, Program Director, B.Sc.N. Photo: Nicolas Morin








Allyson de Bolster, current Nursing Undergraduate Society President. Photo: Nicolas Morin








Katherine (Yen) Yu, speaking on behalf of Johnny Sit, alumnae president. Photo: Nicolas Morin








From left to right: Virginie Crouy, winner of the Anne Marie Fong Hum Memorial Prize; Tieghan Killackey, winner of the Evelyn Rocque Malowany Prize; Erin Mackasey, winner of the CJNR Leadership Prize and Robyn Graham, winner of the Pearson Education in Canada Book Prize. Photo: Nicolas Morin