Teacher Appreciation Week has taken place in Quebec during the first week of February since 1994. This appreciation is all the more salient during the COVID-19 pandemic, as faculty members work tirelessly with students and peers to provide world-class education in the face of new challenges.

And so, we invite all students, faculty members and staff to consider saying, “Thank you!” to the teachers who have made a positive impact during these difficult times.

Thank a Prof webform

One simple way for learners to say thank you is by completing the Thank a Prof webform, available on the Teaching and Learning Services website. Faculty and staff are also invited to share gratitude for a mentor, role model or teacher who has positively impacted their life and career as a teacher.

Teachers make enormous contributions to the development and wellbeing of society. We can all think of a teacher, education leader or mentor who has made a positive difference in our lives, and a gentle thank you can go a long way.

My thanks to you

On a personal note, it warms my heart to see our educational mandate thrive during these difficult times. Teachers and mentors are breathing new life into our educational mission, whether it is in Zoom classrooms, clinical settings or laboratories.

This Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank all teachers, supervisors, education leaders and mentors – whether you are a faculty member, resident or student – for your phenomenal work during these trying times. Good teaching makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for your ongoing efforts.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Dr. Annette Majnemer OT, PhD, FCAHS

Vice-Dean, Education, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

McGill University

January 28, 2021