Rose GoldsteinDear members of the McGill community,

Every three years, McGill’s Regulation on the Conduct of Research, which articulates standards for the responsible conduct of research at McGill, is to be reviewed. As stipulated in the Regulation, I have appointed an eight-person working group, which includes faculty and students, to lead this review, which is now under way.

In addition to conducting this standard review, the working group has been charged with considering how best to ensure, consistent with academic freedom, that McGill’s research partnerships align with the University’s values and principles. You can find more detail about this process on the Research and International Relations website.

I invite your comments on the current Regulation and on possible revisions thereto. Any member of the McGill community who wishes to comment is invited to make a written submission of up to 500 words using the form provided on the dedicated web page.

The period for written consultation is now open and will remain so until February 6, 2015; the working group has been tasked with reporting to me in spring 2015 with recommendations concerning potential revisions to the Regulation. Following their report, I will bring proposed changes to the Regulation to Senate for discussion and approval.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful suggestions.


Dr. Rosie Goldstein

Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations)

January 12, 2015