Photos: Owen Egan and Joni Dufour

Source: McGill Global Health Programs

On November 7, over 400 members of the wider McGill community participated in the annual Global Health Night.  Attendees at the poster fair saw the latest work of students who had unique opportunities to take part in cutting edge research or clinical placements on sites around the world and exchange with their peers on their experiences.

Participants also witnessed how far McGill Global Health Programs (GHP) has come in the last couple of years from Director Dr. Madhu Pai. GHP’s mission is to support McGill students and faculty to succeed in their local and international global health initiatives. This was demonstrated throughout the night in the increasing numbers of award winners, new collaborations and exciting projects showcased.

Finally, keynote speaker Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and author of The Coming Plague and Betrayal of Trust, gave an eye-opening state of affairs for Global Health. Many saw her talk as a call to action for students to tackle the many challenges she outlined. Ms. Garrett was also on hand to sign her latest books and exchange with her readers.

Earlier in the day, over 80 awards were given to students, postdocs, residents, healthcare workers and faculty members who demonstrated a passion and dedication to solving global health issues across the world during the 2017 calendar year. The awards tea was hosted by Mr. Paul Frazer, Board Chair of McGill GHP International Advisory Board.

November 9, 2017