Success outlined in latest data on patient safety
Since embarking on a campaign to reduce venous thromboembolism (VTE) among its patients, the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) now often achieves perfect or near-perfect compliance among staff in applying measures to prevent VTE in certain surgery patients. These findings are included in the latest data that the JGH has posted online about its performance and the quality of its care.

VTE, a blood clot that develops in a large vein (often in the deep veins of the leg), is a dangerous condition that can occur among patients and others who are immobilized in one position for a lengthy period. However, preventive measures of the type that the JGH uses can significantly reduce the risk.

VTE is the latest Quality Indicator—a significant area of medical or healthcare activity—whose rate of success has been fully disclosed to the public by the JGH. The hospital’s VTE web page also contains details about the many activities that the JGH has undertaken to reduce the VTE rate.

“These latest figures demonstrate not only the JGH’s strong performance in treating VTE, but the hospital’s commitment to preventing this debilitating and possibly life-threatening condition,” says Dr. Hartley Stern, JGH Executive Director. “Preventing illness is a key element in our strategy of helping to strengthen the healthcare system by supporting the well-being of Quebecers and reducing the cost of treatment and care. Similarly, our emphasis on productive partnerships has enabled us to create the Centre of Excellence in Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Care.”

The JGH was among the first in Canada to develop a hospital-wide policy to help healthcare professionals determine which patients are at risk for VTE and which preventive methods should be applied in each case. Over the years, the JGH has developed a unique multidisciplinary Thrombosis Program with patient care, training/education and an internationally recognized research component, which is among the top programs in the country. In 2010, the JGH was one of two hospitals across Canada to receive the Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention Hospital Award from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, in recognition of Canadian hospitals that made a significant commitment to prevent VTE and achieved outstanding outcomes.


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February 26, 2013