Over the course of the past two weeks, Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services has confirmed the appointments of the President-Director-Generals (PDG) and Associate President Director-Generals (APDG) for each of the new CISSSs and CIUSSSs within the McGill affiliated hospital and affected RUIS McGill territory network (APDG for Abitibi-Témiscamingue remains to be confirmed).

The appointments include:

Normand Rinfret as PDG (MUHC)
Lawrence Rosenberg (PDG) and Francine Dupuis (APDG) (CIUSSS  Centre-West of Montreal)
Benoît Morin (PDG) and Lynne McVey (APDG) (CIUSSS West Island of Montreal)
Jean Hébert (PDG) and Daniel Tardif (APDG) (CISSS Outaouais)
Jacques Boissonneault (PDG) and Hélène Desjardins (APDG) (CISSS Abitibi-Témiscamingue)
Yves Masse (PDG) and Céline Rouleau (APDG) (CISSS Montérégie-Ouest)

Congratulations to all!