By Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) Michael Di Grappa

In a recent email to the community, Provost Masi and I outlined some of the growing expenditures  that are putting pressure on McGill’s increasingly limited finances.

As we will table our 2014 Budget to the Board of Governors on April 26, I would like to talk today about the first of these expenditure challenges: the growing cost of pension plans.

Pensions are an important part of McGill’s commitment to the well-being of our staff. They are also a key element of our employees’ total compensation, which includes health coverage, insurance, and additional benefits. This competitive package, and other advantages, contributes to our University regularly ranking among the top employers in Quebec and across Canada.


Read and comment on VP Di Grappa’s latest Red Blog entry on the challenges of sustaining McGill’s pension plans here and stay informed about all the facts and figures and the steps the University must take in facing the current financial challenge at the Government Budget Cuts website.


April 25, 2013