We are excited to announce that McGill’s Centre for the Study of Reproduction/Centre d’études sur la reproduction (CSR-CER) will henceforth be known as the Centre for Research in Reproduction and Development/Centre de Recherche en reproduction et développement (CRRD). The CSR-CER was originally established in 1982 to unite reproductive biologists at McGill and was a founding partner of the FQRNT-funded Réseau Québecois en Reproduction (RQR).

In the years since the CSR-CER began, the field of reproductive biology has grown significantly. In Fall 2014, the Executive Committee voted unanimously to change the Centre’s name to better reflect the scope of research conducted by our members. The name change request was submitted to the Faculty of Medicine in March and then had to navigate a series of approvals before gaining final endorsement by the McGill Board of Governors on October 8, 2015.

In anticipation of the name change, the executive worked with Douglas Robertson of Thesis Media to produce a promotional video and with McGill’s graphic designer Lisa Kisiel to develop our new logo (below).


We also updated our website, which can now be found at https://www.mcgill.ca/crrd/.

The inter-departmental and interdisciplinary CRRD continues to unite McGill University faculty, trainees, and staff members with diverse and complementary interests in reproductive and developmental biology. The CRRD enables and promotes interactions between investigators at McGill, other universities in Québec, across Canada, and internationally.

We hope to use this ‘rebranding’ as an opportunity to create more attention for the Centre and its members. We believe it is important, particularly in the current challenging funding climate, to convey the vitality of the CRRD.

Daniel Bernard, Director CRRD

January 28, 2016