Dear colleagues,

As the rollout of the Flexible Work Arrangements Pilot Program and the development of a more flexible work culture continues, I am pleased to share two developments, one of which will give all eligible employees additional flexibility and another which will simplify the request procedure for MUNACA employees.

  1. The question was raised whether it is allowed for employees to take one of their two daily 15-minute breaks (either morning or afternoon) immediately before or after their lunch break. The University has decided, in the interest of flexibility, that employees can officially make this request.
  2. At the time that the pilot was announced, MUNACA employees requesting to shorten their lunch period needed to obtain the Union’s approval in order to do so. This requirement proved cumbersome for all involved. MUNACA and McGill have now reached an agreement to allow a shortened lunch period without an additional form.

Flexible work cultures are most effective in supporting both the well-being of employees and the mission of the organization when they are founded on a strong base of open and engaged conversation and collaboration. I would like to thank everyone who is actively contributing to these collaborative efforts.

As always, I welcome your feedback through For questions related to your request, feel free to speak with your local HR representative and your manager.

Kind regards,

Diana Dutton

Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources


March 4, 2020