2022-23 McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Clinical Innovation Competition

The McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC) deadline of March 20th exists to facilitate organization of a showcase event and to enable judging to occur smoothly.

However, the competition itself exists to help Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences clinicians, students, staff and faculty with the process of converting our enormous wealth of academic, clinical and practical expertise into tangible benefits for society, our patients, families and health care providers.

While we have received a high volume of applications, we understand that this time of year is extremely busy. If this deadline has come at a bad time for you, then we are more than happy to work with you to try to find a way to include your application should you wish to do so. We are willing to accept late applications up until March 31, 2023 at midnight, as we do not wish to exclude anyone from the chance to compete. If you plan to send a late application, please send an email to innovation.med@mcgill.ca.

Judging is already underway but we are here to support you and will be as flexible as possible within practical constraints.


Jake Barralet, PhD
Director of Innovation
Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences