Dear members of the McGill community,
It has now been one month since COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives and, for us at McGill, transformed how we learn and work. Despite these unsettling changes, we have carried on as best as we can with fortitude and determination.
Today is the last day of classes for the Winter 2020 semester, a semester none of us will ever forget. The circumstances under which it has come to an end are exceptional – but exceptional also is the resilience students have shown over the last month.
These times have been challenging, and I want to underline the hard work of all of our students who have demonstrated strength and perseverance despite very uncertain times. This crisis has underscored their willingness and ability to adapt to a world in constant and unpredictable change.
I would like to recognize the exceptional work of student services staff who have been providing services and resources throughout these trying times, in particular the Student Wellness Hub, International Student Services, Scholarships and Student Aid and the Office of Students with Disabilities. While this crisis has shown our resilience, it has also shown us how much we need each other’s support.
Continuing both our semester and university operations would not have been possible without the efforts of our instructors and administrative staff. We are very privileged to have such a dedicated team at McGill.
More than ever, I am thankful to be part of this community which has pulled together to navigate through this unexpected storm.
We have been cheering for our students from day one and now extend to them our wishes for success as they complete their final projects and write their exams. There is one test – COVID 19 – that was not supposed to be on the exam. We can all take pride in having been able to surmount together this unexpected challenge.
Suzanne Fortier
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
McCall MacBain Professor



April 15, 2020