As part of our Spring Convocation 2024 coverage, we asked graduates from our six Schools to share their experiences of completing a degree in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Here, we meet Class of 2024 member Thierry Fotsing Tadjo from the School of Medicine. Thierry completed his MDCM and receives his degree at the Spring Convocation Ceremony on May 28. Congratulations Thierry!   

Name: Thierry Fotsing Tadjo  

Degree: MDCM 

Hometown:  Douala (Littoral, Cameroon) 


What did you love most about studying at McGill and in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences?  

The amazing people whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise and who all contributed to the person/physician I am today.  


If you could change one thing in the world to make it better, what would you choose?  

Social media has some positive sides, but I find it makes relationships quite superficial. Spending less time on social media would improve things I think. 


A particularly proud moment from your degree?  

I will always cherish my time at the Douglas Institute (CPC2) where I bonded strongly with a patient who subsequently agreed to a treatment he had been refusing for months. 


Your fave club or activity? 
Getting involved with the RISE (Rural and Isolated Support Endeavour) club during the height of the COVID pandemic, and meeting fantastic people such as Ron H. who taught me a lot. 


A song that defines the past few years as a student at McGill…  
50 Cent – God Gave Me Style 


Any shoutouts?
Shoutout to the almighty God, my parents (Andre and Nicole Tadjo), my sisters (Sandrine and Viviane), my entire McGill family (you know who you are!), my brothers (Oswald K. and Downy-Steeve M.) and my mentors (Drs Levinoff, Thakore, Sebastiani, Falutz, Larouche, Medawar, Sacher) 


Top tip for incoming students in your program? 
Be enthusiastic, open-minded, good to yourself and to the patients, colleagues, staff; and most importantly, have fun! Medical school is a fantastic experience.  


Anything you’ll miss?
The friends I made during the four years of medical school who are moving to different provinces/other programs and the fun times we had during the lectures/events via Zoom.


What’s next for you?
Excited to be starting residency in internal medicine at the Jewish General Hospital and God willing, matching in a great subspecialty in two years!