As part of our Spring Convocation 2024 coverage, we asked graduates from our six Schools to share their experiences of completing a degree in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Here, we meet Class of 2024 member Alexander Moise from the School of Medicine. Alexander completed his MDCM and received his degree at the Spring Convocation Ceremony on May 28. Congratulations Alexander!   


Name: Alexander Moise 

Degree: MDCM 

Hometown: Montreal, Canada


What did you love most about studying at McGill and in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences?  


Reflecting on my time at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the highlight was undoubtedly the strong sense of community created by the vibrant campus life and diverse learning environments. The faculty’s commitment to a blended learning model, which emphasizes patient-centred care through early clinical exposure and immersive simulations, significantly enhanced my educational experience. 


However, what I cherished most were the relationships I formed. The friendships I developed during my studies provided a crucial support system and have become lasting bonds I deeply treasure. These friendships made my time at McGill truly unforgettable.


Please share a particularly proud or challenging moment from your degree? 


Amid a critical blood shortage that severely impacted patient care during the pandemic, my team and I at the McGill Student Blood Donation Association (MSBDA) launched initiatives to raise awareness and advocate for inclusive blood donation services. Expanding the donor base during a global health crisis demanded perseverance and adaptability, and the positive impact of our efforts on the community was deeply rewarding.  


Top tip for incoming students in your program?  


Embrace every opportunity to learn and engage with your academic and local communities. This will greatly enhance your medical school experience and create new opportunities for personal and professional development. 


Your fave study spot? 


My favourite study spot at McGill was the Osler Library for its serene atmosphere and rich history, perfect for deep focus.


A catch phrase that defines the past few years as a student at McGill? 


“To infinity and beyond… the textbooks!”  


Any shoutouts?  


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout this journey. My family, friends, and mentors have been the foundation of my accomplishments. 


I especially want to acknowledge Dr. Sam J. Daniel and Dr. Richard Payne. Their guidance has not only equipped me with the essential tools to be an active community member but has also prepared me for future challenges. Their ongoing support is invaluable, and I am profoundly grateful. 


Anything you’ll miss? 


 I’ll greatly miss my family and friends, as well as Montreal’s vibrant culture and its exceptional gastronomic scene.


What’s next for you?  


I am thrilled to begin my residency training in Otolaryngology at the University of British Columbia!